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Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Joshua Tree Retreat Center is the home of Edwin Dingle’s vision for The Institute of Mentalphysics, City of Joy, where his founding belief of inclusive yet autonomous paths to personal truth, is celebrated and honored. The story that has been passed down is that Edwin J. Dingle (who had already started the Institute of Mentalphysics in Los Angeles) was guided to the Desert in 1941. As rays of light poured over the landscape, he heard a voice say, “The desert will bloom like a rose, someday there shall be cities built around the land. Great highways shall lead here as a place of respite.” He raised funds with the help of his Mentalphysics students and bought the property housing the retreat campus and acres of desert land for contemplation. Six years later several beautiful buildings were built reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, whom Dingle had sought the help of to build the city.

59700 29 Palms Highway
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