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Indian Food in Greater Palm Springs

In Greater Palm Springs, you don’t have to travel far to taste authentic, and delicious, Indian cuisine. Foodies will find local Indian restaurants serving only the freshest meats and vegetables and all the sweet, sour and spicy flavors that set this style of cooking apart. 

At the family-owned Monsoon Indian Cuisine in Palm Springs, an assortment of traditional Indian dishes, such as chicken tikka masala, tandoori shrimp and lamb biryani, practically transport your taste buds to the opposite side of the world, while India Oven in Cathedral City blends classic and modern recipes for something entirely new.  

Start with a samosa before biting into light and fluffy oven-baked naan. Savor chutneys, curries and raitas infused with aromatic spices. Go plant-based and try several veggie dishes steeped in roasted cauliflower, potato or eggplant. And indulge your sweet tooth with a bowl of kheer, rice pudding topped with nuts and chilled to perfection.

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