LOVE LOCAL BY A LOCAL — Tru Self Care Boutique and True Awakening Studio

Lori Rodgers ( is the brand ambassador for Love Local, the series that explores the restaurants, shops, and businesses that make Greater Palm Springs unique. Lori moved to Palm Springs from Georgia in 2012 and has been exploring the destination ever since.

Walking into Tru Self Care Boutique and True Awakening Studio feels like walking into the Trujillo family home or into their hearts. It is possible that you are doing both. Maybe the smell, the music, or something in the window lured you in, but you walk out with an appreciation for the wisdom that the sisters have shared. 

About the Owners

The Trujillo sisters (Sonia, Angelica, and Livia) grew up in Coachella. Not only do they have great pride for Greater Palm Springs, but they are also proud of their heritage.  They wish that more people would visit Coachella because there is so much to offer. They see the beauty and know the treasures. 

Sonia and Livia, have done all of the work for you in understanding holistic gems. They have traveled to different regions in Mexico. They have visited markets that only locals know about to understand the carefully chosen products used in their stores. They have talked with the artisans and gained an understanding and inspiration for certain pieces.

Angelica Trujillo, Owner of True Awakening Studio

Angelica recommends seeing the new library, across from City Hall on 6th Street in Coachella. She loves the murals surrounding 6th Street and how the art emphasizes the Hispanic culture. She also recommends checking out the newly opened The Coachella Firehouse Grill and Bar.

Sonia Trujillo and Livia Trujillo, Owners of Tru Self Care Boutique

When tourists visit businesses in Greater Palm Springs, Sonia and Livia suggest that they also experience Cabot's Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs, as well as the East Valley.

True Awakening Studio

At True Awakening Spa (in Coachella), Angelica is offering serenity. Just step through the door and you will feel an energy switch. If you are open and receptive to different forms of healing, especially something natural and non-invasive, this is the ideal place for you. Angelica is a Reiki (an energy healing technique) practitioner. She is an herbalist who studied under Adriana Ayales (founder of Anima Mundi Apothecary). Many field workers like the skin care products that are offered. You may not want to leave this space because Angelica says that she has created the space “for you” to find your inner peace and to reconnect to inner balance. She does not consider the space her own; “it is for the people”.  She offers herbal teas, tinctures, incense, essential oils, healing crystals, natural soaps, candles, and more. She even sells a palo santo necklace and bracelet that will make a great birthday or holiday gift!


Tru Self Care Boutique

At Tru Self Care Boutique (in Palm Springs), Sonia and Livia have curated items from different regions in Mexico and from local artists. They can tell you how various plants or seeds were used to dye the fabrics a rich, magnificent color. You might even be surprised to discover that an exquisite statement piece was handcrafted from fish scales!  Beauty and elegance abound. There are items for the entire family, like guayaberas, huaraches, Frida Kahlo and lucha libre onesies, hats, handwoven totes, jewelry, and more.  This store is not for one particular person; it is for everyone.  All ages, all backgrounds, all sizes are welcome!  


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