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Shop, sip, and experience a piece of Japan right in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Look no further as there is a locally owned store just for you, located on North Palm Canyon! Look for the flags of Japan, blowing in the wind, and the bright green outdoor furniture. 

Co-Owners Darrell Baum and Osamu Sagara opened Wabi Sabi Japan Living about five years ago. Their journey began by doing a test market, on Thursdays, at the Palm Springs Villagefest.  The feedback they received during this time was so positive that it birthed the Japanese lifestyle store that is Wabi Sabi Japan Living. It could be the weather, the mid-century modern homes, the outdoor spaces, or any numerous things that make living in this SoCal oasis so ideal for entertaining. This is the perfect store to find absolutely everything you need for at-home entertaining. Whether you're shopping for a holiday event, a dinner party, or a friendly gathering, this shop has it all. 

A few items you will in the store are Japanese incense, chopsticks, chopstick rest/holder, traveling tea sets, origami-style earrings made from washi paper, books and cookbooks, specialty whisky, unique cooking sauces and seasonings, knives, and, everyone's favorite sake. Just add these items to your shopping list and send out the party invitations!

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term for appreciation of the beauty and simplicity in the world. That “wabi sabi” thinking almost feels like right at home as you walk into this space and see the beautiful and perfect Kinto tableware, teaware, and carafes (which is their top seller).  The chopstick selection will tempt you to buy a set of chopsticks to match your mood and your food. If you are a whisky or sake connoisseur, good luck trying to narrow down which bottle(s) you will take home (Thank goodness for their sake tastings, which might help your decision-making)! Even if you are not picky with the knives you use, you will likely have to get one for all of your chopping, dicing, slicing, and mincing needs. Wabi Sabi Japan Living is one of those perfect stores that has something for everyone! 

Go for the culture -- you are guaranteed to learn something new. Follow them on social media or check out their website to learn of the cooking demonstrations.  Visit often because the owners (Darrell Baum and Osamu Sagara) return to Japan frequently to visit Osamu’s family and to find new and unique items to bring back and share.  

They are open daily, from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. As if all of this were not amazing enough, mark your calendars for February. The Wabi Sabi team will offer cooking classes again, on Saturdays, at 5:30 p.m.  The classes are limited to 20 people; reservations are required. 

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