There are so many therapies and treatments that can be used to improve your health and well being. From the more traditional, like massage and reflexology, to the more unusual, like sound therapy or flotation therapy, a visit to Greater Palm Springs provides a chance to Live Your Wellest and try out many of these options.

What is Flotation Therapy?

In flotation therapy, users get into a tank of specially salinated warm water which allows you to float effortlessly. This, in turn, allows you to completely relax.

The water is treated with an extraordinary amount of Epsom salts. The concentration of salt allows participants to lie almost on top of the water. In addition to a feeling of weightlessness, the darkness and silence of many flotation tanks mean you can sleep or meditate, or just be still with your thoughts.

How Can Flotation Therapy Help?

There are many ways devotees believe flotation therapy can benefit health and well being.

flotation therapy palm springs

Epsom salts have health properties and can do wonders for skin, hair, and nails. Anyone who's ever used drugstore-purchased Epsom salts in the bath at home knows they can ease joint pain, stress, and can help to naturally relax the body. Magnesium found in the salts is absorbed through the skin, while sulphates can assist in eliminating toxins and heavy metals.

Some of the benefits can come from the fact there are no pressure points on the body when you float. Even on the softest mattress, your body's weight still creates pressure spots, but in a flotation tank, there are none. This allows your spine to elongate and straighten, and for lactic acid to drain from the muscles, reducing soreness.

Potential Benefits of Flotation Therapy:

  • Stress relief
  • Inspiration, enhanced creativity, problem-solving, improved cognitive abilities
  • General calming
  • Help with insomnia
  • Overall improvements to well being

What to Expect?

Flotation is a very unique experience. Trying it for the first time can open your eyes to a whole new world. Bathers can wear a swimsuit or go nude. The high salt content in the water and specialized purification keeps things sanitary.

You'll get into your flotation tank and close the door. Tanks usually offer varying levels of ambient light inside so you can be perfectly comfortable. You'll sit in the water, which is actually quite shallow; then lean back and relax; the water will buoy you up then hold you. Stretch out and take it all in, noticing how various muscles and joints respond.

Woman floating in water with eyes closed

It's easily possible to become so relaxed you can fall asleep; if you do, you can usually find a special pillow to keep your head aloft if you want extra support.

Float sessions can last anywhere from one hour to ninety minutes.

"Individually customized combinations can be created for each person’s specific needs,” explains Evans. “Whether you are a visitor to the area looking for the best way to release those tight muscles, to detoxify and unwind, or to look good and feel great, a spa-orientated package can be created just for you. You will leave feeling renewed and relaxed.”

It's even possible to do a couples float.

"We are the only dedicated float spa in the valley with two locations. Our Palm Desert spa has five float rooms, with one set up as a float cabin for two people. There's no other facility other than San Diego that has the floating cabin.” says Michael Reiter, owner of Desert Serenity Float & Spa. “The benefit is that couples can enjoy this service together. Some are apprehensive about something new and feel better when they can be together.”

On your next visit to Greater Palm Springs, try something new that’s bound to relax you.

Where to Experience Flotation in Greater Palm Springs:

Desert Serenity Float Palm Springs
548 E. Industrial Place
Palm Springs, California
(760) 699-7301

Desert Serenity Float & Spa
73712 Alessandro Drive, Suite B1
Palm Desert, California
(760) 404-0419

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