Greater Palm Springs is a haven for fun in the sun, and that includes your furry best friend! With numerous dog-friendly breweries, you can raise a glass (and a paw) to good times with your four-legged companion.

Remember that California law states indoor spaces are for service dogs only, so stick to the patios and gardens the Greater Palm Springs area has to offer. Here are some of our favorite spots that offer not just craft brews but also a welcoming vibe for both pups and their human companions.


Babe's Bar-B-Que & Brewery

Babe's BBQ Restaurant

Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewery offers a laid-back atmosphere perfect for hanging out with your dog. Their outdoor seating area welcomes furry pals and provides water bowls and sometimes even treats, ensuring a comfortable experience for your pets. Pair your dog-friendly experience with award-winning beers crafted on site. Their impressive lineup complements the barbecue menu, making it a must-visit spot for both beer and food aficionados.


La Quinta Brewing Co.

La quinta brewing beer

With three locations in Palm Desert, Old Town La Quinta, and Palm Springs, La Quinta Brewing Co. ensures that no matter where you are, a dog-friendly beer experience isn't far away. Their welcoming outdoor spaces cater to dogs and their humans. Sip on their signature brews amid a dog-friendly environment, creating cherished memories with your furry companions.


Luchador Brewing Company

Luchador Brewing Company

Luchador Brewing Company adds a unique twist to the brewery scene. Not only is it dog-friendly, but it also embraces a fun luchador theme, making it an entertaining spot for both dogs and their owners. Expect vibrant decor and a lively atmosphere. Enjoy a wide array of craft beers while soaking in the lively ambiance, perfect for those seeking a different brewery experience.


Desert Beer Co.

Desert Beer Co. exudes a relaxed vibe that's ideal for hanging out with your canine companions. The spacious outdoor area invites dogs to join in the fun, offering a relaxing environment to unwind. Sample their meticulously crafted beers while bonding with fellow dog lovers in a warm and inviting setting.


Las Palmas Brewing

Las Palmas Brewing embraces a cozy, welcoming vibe that extends to its four-legged guests. The outdoor seating area ensures a pleasant experience for both dogs and their owners, making it a hidden gem for those seeking a quieter spot.


Boozehounds Palm Springs

Brunch at Boozehounds in Palm Springs

Boozehounds lives up to its name by being exceptionally dog-friendly. It's not just about allowing dogs; it's about embracing them. The spacious patio area is designed for both socializing and lounging with your furry friends. Plus, they often organize dog-centric events, making it a hub for dog-loving locals and tourists alike. While your dog makes new friends, indulge in a diverse selection of craft beers. From IPAs to stouts, there's something for every beer enthusiast.

You can find more doggie dining options in Greater Palm Springs with our searchable restaurant listings and discover more pet-friendly hotels for your stay on our dog-friendly page.

So, leash up your pups and embark on a delightful brewery tour that celebrates the bond between humans, dogs, and great beer!

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