If your dog is your best hiking buddy, you won’t want to miss a chance to take his tail to the trails in Greater Palm Springs. Pack plenty of water and grab treats for the both of you – it’s time to discover this beautiful oasis on these dog-friendly hikes.

Please remember to check weather conditions before planning your hike. Keep in mind the 5-second rule; if you cannot hold your hand to the ground for 5 seconds, that is an indicator that the ground it too hot for your pup's paws. Also, know that from June to October, daytime temperatures here can easily reach 100 °F (37.78 °C) and beyond. Hiking in extreme heat can be dangerous and even life-threatening to both you and your pet; if there’s a heat advisory in effect, avoid hiking altogether.​



Discover the perfect blend of scenic beauty and canine camaraderie on this quick 1.1-mile trail. Immerse yourself in the stunning desert landscapes while enjoying the companionship of your four-legged friend. This urban trail connects Frank Sinatra and Country Club drives via Michael S. Wolfson Park, running parallel along the wash. Besides beautiful views of the mountains and golf courses, you’ll see plenty of others out horseback riding, cycling, or running. 



Located within the split wooden fence of Homme/Adams Park in Palm Desert, this flat loop offers a relaxing stroll for nature lovers and their four-legged friends. There’s even an off-leash area for dogs at the base of the hills. Explore the beauty of Greater Palm Springs together on Homme/Adams Park Loop – where every step is a paw-some adventure!



Palm Desert Homestead Trail

For a good workout for both you and your pup, don’t miss the Homestead Trail, also known as The Cross Hike, in Palm Desert. Tucked inside the 27-acre Cap Homme/Ralph Adams Park, Homestead Trail is a favorite for dog-friendly hiking in Greater Palm Springs. The inclines keep dogs and their humans challenged, but the panoramic views at the top of the trail make it worth the work. The trail is especially popular for nighttime hiking, as you’ll get to see Greater Palm Springs light up under starry skies. Even if you decide not to hike up the trail, the expansive park area at the base of the mountain offers plenty of room for dogs to sniff and explore (on a leash).




Discover the natural beauty of La Quinta at the Cove Oasis trail network, tucked away at the top of the La Quinta Cove. Two short, flat trails take you and your four-legged hiking buddy from the parking lot to the Cove Oasis, making this one of the easier options for a quick jaunt into the desert’s beauty. Dogs are also welcome to join you on the Bear Creek Nature Trail but cannot go past this landmark. Leashes are a must when exploring La Quinta Cove Oasis.



Hiking_Mission Creek Preserve

One of the more popular spots for four-legged hikers, Mission Creek Preserve offers more than 17 miles of dog-friendly trails through stunning desert scenery. Far removed from the bustle of modern life, Mission Creek Preserve lets you see the natural side of Greater Palm Springs. Walk along sandy trails, see local wildlife like rabbits and roadrunners and get the perfect vacation photos in front of the historic stone buildings found throughout the preserve. Mission Creek’s namesake stream also flows all year long (results may vary depending on conditions). During your outdoor adventure experience be sure to check out the Mission Creek Stonehouse Trail as you trailblaze through the preserve.




Scenic trails and sparse traffic make the Whitewater Canyon View Loop Trail a great pick for a dog-friendly hike with beautiful views of this Southern California oasis. See the beauty of the San Jacinto Mountains and desert canyons on this 3.5-mile trail, where the Whitewater River not only keeps the area lush but also lets you cool off with a quick splash (water results may vary). Take your dog up the 600-foot climb to take in some of the best views of the surrounding mountainsides.



While these are great trails to take your dogs on, please respect the trails that don’t allow dogs in efforts to protect and conserve the local Bighorn Sheep population. 

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