GREATER PALM SPRINGS, CA – Visit Greater Palm Springs is thrilled to announce the launch of the second season of its acclaimed video series, Art & Sol, shining a spotlight on the vibrant arts and culture scene of the Southern California oasis. Following the success of the first season, this new installment promises more captivating stories, fascinating artists, and deeper insights into what makes Greater Palm Springs a haven for creativity. 

Nestled amidst the wide-open spaces and sun-kissed landscapes, Greater Palm Springs has long served as a muse for artists seeking inspiration. The Art & Sol series delves into this unique cultural tapestry through intimate conversations with local artists and performers, offering viewers a glimpse into the creative process and the diverse influences that shape their work. 

"Art & Sol is more than just a video series; it's a celebration of the rich cultural landscape and creative community that defines Greater Palm Springs," said Colleen Pace, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Visit Greater Palm Springs. "From world-renowned painters to emerging talents, each episode invites viewers to explore our destination through the eyes of these artists who call Greater Palm Springs home." 

In the upcoming season, viewers can expect to meet a diverse array of creatives, from fiber artists and muralists to musicians and DJs, each with a unique perspective on their craft and the inspiration that is drawn from the desert landscape. Through their stories, audiences will gain a deeper appreciation for the intersection of art, community, and cultural heritage in Greater Palm Springs. 

As part of the award-winning Oasis of Art campaign, through the Art & Sol video series Visit Greater Palm Springs invites art enthusiasts and culture seekers to explore the magic of arts & culture through a mosaic of artistic experiences. Subscribe to the Visit Greater Palm Springs YouTube channel to take a journey through the latest episodes of Art & Sol and stay up to date on all inspirational things. 

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