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  • Digital

    All paid digital media was paused from March 15 through May. Prior to the suspension, national digital campaigns, including ExpediaTravelzooTripAdvisorAdara and Weather Channel, generated strong website engagement and ROI.

    On June 15, Expedia relaunched on a smaller scale and generated 2,178,900 impressions through August. This campaign targets Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Seattle. On August 13, an Expedia co-op with Visit California launched targeting CA markets alongside the Visit CA and other CA destinations. This campaign has generated 88.9K impressions through August 31.

    Beginning in June, the Safer Together, Greater Together Pledge campaign was promoted digitally in Los Angeles and Orange County to promote the destination-wide travel pledge to safety. Digital advertising with The Los Angeles Times generated 316K impressions; digital display advertising generated 3.1M impressions; and native advertising generated 3.2M impressions.

    Beginning in August, a local campaign launched thanking Greater Palm Springs businesses for taking the Pledge. This campaign generated 837,218 digital display impressions428,792 native advertising impressions; and 55,325 connected television impressions.

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  • Television

    On March 15, all paid TV ads were paused, including brand and Partner spots, and remained paused throughout the month of May. In June, television resumed in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle on cable, connected television and KTLA. Impressions amounted to 2B and included 185K spots.

    Local public service announcement television spots for the Tourism Foundation, Get Tested, Greater Together, Mask Up and Thank You/Pledge campaigns from June through August amounted to 133.7M total impressions and 14,694 total television spots. In addition, the “Mask Up” television spots ran in Southern California and generated 215M impressions and 8,614 total spots.

    To view all of our video creative, visit our YouTube page.

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  • Billboard

    On March 15, all paid billboard advertising was paused and remained paused throughout the month of May. Local billboards began running in April. In June, billboards began running in Los Angeles and San Diego. From June through August, total billboard impressions amounted to 45.8M.

    In addition, local billboards ran in Greater Palm Springs promoting the Get Tested, Stay In/Take Out and Thank You/Pledge campaigns. The local billboards generated 19.8M impressions through August.

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  • Radio

    We have not launched any radio campaigns so far in 2020 for the destination.

  • Print

    There were no print campaigns from June through August.

  • Meetings

    On March 15, meetings and conventions sales media was paused and remained paused throughout the month of August.

  • Airline

    On March 15, all airline media was paused and remained paused throughout the month of August.

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