• VGPS Financial Report

    Below is Visit Greater Palm Springs' Statement of Activities
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    March 2024 Statement of Activities

  • Annual VGPS Audit Report

    2023 Annual Audit Report
    This financial report (PDF) is designed to provide a general overview of Visit Greater Palm Springs's finances.

    Questions concerning any of the information in this report should be addressed to the Vice President of Finance & Administration at info@visitgreaterps.com or by U.S. mail:

    Visit Greater Palm Springs
    70100 Highway 111
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

  • GPS Tourism Foundation Financial Report

    Below is our most recent GPS Tourism Foundation financial report.

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    March 2024 GPSTF financial report

  • Delinquencies

    There are no delinquencies YTD through January 31, 2024.

If you have any questions about VGPS finance, please contact:
Bill Judson, Vice President, Finance & Administration
bill@visitgreaterps.com | 760.969.1303