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  • Digital

    Adara ran in March and generated 751K impressions, and as a result 405 room nights were booked equating to $130K in revenue. March was the last month of this campaign.

    NEW: We began a campaign with Sojern in April, which replaces the Adara campaign. This generated 777K impressions, and as a result 781 room nights were booked equating to $214K in revenue, along with a total economic impact of $1M.

    NEW: The Benefits of Tourism campaign launched in April, targeting local residents with messaging about how the community benefits as a result of our vibrant tourism economy. Digital ads ran on Centro and the Desert Sun, receiving 674K impressions.

    NEW: In March, we re-launched the Trailicious Pass to support the health and wellness pillar by promoting hiking trails. This included banner and native ads on Centro, The Desert Sun email blasts and Nativo and amounted to 1.5M impressions.

    In addition to the content outlined above for the Trailicious Pass, we also ran Nativo campaigns in March and April promoting signature events and the Greater Palm Springs Wellness Pass, delivering over 559K impressions across key travel and tourism publishers. 

    For the months of March and April, Expedia generated 2.1M impressions. As a result of this campaign, 22K room nights were booked and $15.8M in revenue was generated.

    In March and April, the TripAdvisor campaign generated 783k impressions, which resulted in 3K room nights and $635k in hotel revenue and a total economic impact of $1.6M.

    A Travelzoo campaign launched at the end of April including a sponsored story with a landing page featuring partner deals and offers. The campaign generated 42k impressions.

    Centro generated 7.3M impressions. We ran multiple campaigns including our Trailicious and Wellness passes, Signature Events, cold weather markets campaign, and our brand campaign.

    In March and April, a campaign with Q. Digital Network continued, targeting the LGBTQ+ audience with digital display and video advertising. This campaign generated 356K impressions and will expand to include social media posts, content and e-blasts.

    A content program with Locale Magazine continued to run in March with an article on LGBTQ Bars and Clubs in Greater Palm Springs. This generated over 26K impressions and over $14K in revenue.

    The Visit California co-op that launched in January with Expedia, Adara, Sojern and TripAdvisor continued in March and April. Combined, the platforms generated 10M impressions and resulted in $7.8M in revenue and 22K room nights.

    The Safer Together, Greater Together Pledge campaign ran in March and April to promote the destination’s travel pledge to safety. This campaign generated 619K impressions on Centro and ended on May 3rd.

    The Work Remote campaign also continued in March and April, promoting the destination as an ideal location for remote workers. This campaign generated 324K impressions.

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  • Television

    During the months of March and April, television impressions amounted to 2.88B impressions and included 382K spots. Television tactics included cable, connected television and KTLA (Los Angeles). Television markets included the seasonal fly markets in addition to year-round markets.


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  • Billboard

    For March and April, total billboard impressions amounted to 56.7M.

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  • Radio

    No radio advertising ran in March or April 2022.

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  • Print

    No print advertising ran in March or April 2022.

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  • Meetings

    Greater Palm Springs meetings media continued in March and April. Throughout the spring, the “Meetings Mean More” campaign continued to target meeting professionals with the overall goal of motivating group business bookings.

    In March and April, meetings advertising earned 2.6M impressions, and included digital display advertising, content stories, social media and email blasts via Centro, USAE, PCMA, Northstar and Smart Meetings.

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  • Airline

    The Toronto nonstop fly campaign ended in March with 4.6M impressions targeting the Toronto market. This campaign began with advertising promoting Flair Airlines, and switched to general flight messaging with the introduction of the Air Canada Toronto route.

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