• Digital

    NEW: A new digital display program with AdTheorent launched in March with custom four-way swipe mobile ad units promoting destination pillar content like Outdoor Adventure, Wellness, Arts & Culture, and Dining. The campaign has generated over 4.8M impressions.

    For March, April, and May, Expedia generated 11M impressions from our overall brand campaign as well as our Visit California international co-op running in Canada, Mexico, and the UK. As a result of these campaigns, over 27K hotel room nights and 34K vacation rental room nights were booked for a total of $24M in revene.

    TripAdvisor generated 18.2M impressions, resulting in $321K in hotel revenue and a total economic impact of $1.2M.

    Sojern’s programmatic display campaign generated 4.6M impressions with 619 room nights booked.

    Our Travelzoo partner promotion campaign went live in May with new summer partner deals and offers as well as a refreshed destination showcase page, resulting in 3.8M impressions.

    Centro digital display programs generated 11.1M impressions across multiple campaigns. Advertising promoted What Will You Find? and Check In Chill Out Brand campaigns, Oasis of Art, Benefits of Tourism, Nonstop Flights, and Spring Getaways. Additionally, streaming audio with Pandora and a Weather Channel campaign also run via Centro’s platform.

    Nativo’s native advertising platform generated 3.1M impressions, highlighting several campaigns including Oasis of Art, Benefits of Tourism, and Spring Getaways, as well as pillar content promoting Wellness and seasonal brand blog content.

    We continued to run banner ads in IGLTA email newsletters and on the website, reinforcing our LGBTQ+ friendly meetings and leisure messaging resulting in a total of 79K impressions.

    Content programs with Lonely Planet, Locale, and Dogtrekker also ran from March, April, and May, resulting in 1.4M impressions.

    VGPS24 Ads VGPS24 Ads ad WWYF ad

    Below are dashboards displaying our YTD digital stats. Please note that our May 2024 data has not yet been fully incorporated into these dashboards but will included by the end of June. An arrow in the upper right-hand corner of a box indicates additional information is available. Click to open.   

  • Vacation Rentals

    Vacation rentals are incorporated into our overall consumer marketing campaign year-round. This includes television spots, out-of-home, social media, digital video content, and blog content/articles.

    In addition, dedicated digital programs drive to the vacation rental landing page on the Visit Greater Palm Springs website. In March, April, and May, dedicated vacation rental advertising ran across Centro’s display platform and Nativo’s native advertising platform, generated 6.1M impressions.

    Our VRBO vacation rental campaign generated 3.5M impressions and resulted in 26K room nights and $12.8M in revenue.

    Dedicated vacation rental TripAdvisor advertising, including off-platform Rove placements, generated over 3M impressions.

    NEW: A vacation rental-dedicated program with Sunset Magazine launched this spring with digital display advertising, email newsletter inclusions, and social media, generating 83K impressions.

    NEW: A high-impact digital campaign with Undertone launched in May, highlighting vacation rentals with a “brand reveal” drop-down ad unit. The campaign generated 2.6M impressions.

    STVR Ad STVR Ad 

    STVR Ad

  • Television

    During the months of March, April, and May, television impressions amounted to 6.1B impressions and 568K spots. Television tactics included cable, connected television, and Canadian Broadcast Network (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg).

    Television markets included our year-round and seasonal drive and fly markets (Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Portland, Denver, Dallas, New York, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Boise, Chicago, Eugene, Houston, Minneapolis, and Canadian markets including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg). In addition, we are continuing to run television in one-stop markets (Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, Washington D.C., and Indianapolis). In mid-May, television tactics switch to year-round fly and drive markets only.

    Our Check-in, Chill-out summer television co-op campaign began to roll out in mid-May and has generated 1.04B impressions thus far across KTLA, Spectrum Cable, and connected TV. Co-op spots can be viewed HERE


  • Billboard

    For March, April, and May, total billboard impressions amounted to 85M.

    Events promoted with billboard support in March, April, and May include Palm Desert Food & Wine, Fashion Week El Paseo, Cathedral City LGBT Days, and Game-A-Con at the Palm Springs Convention Center.


    Summer Billboard

    vgps billboard

    CC LGBTQ Days


  • Meetings

    Greater Palm Springs meetings media continued in March, April, and May. Throughout the duration, the new “Oasis is Real” campaign targeted meeting professionals with the overall goal of motivating group business bookings.

    The meetings advertising earned 7.5M impressions, and included digital display advertising, content stories, social media and email blasts via Centro, Connect, Conference Direct, Northstar Meetings, Small Market Meetings, California Meetings & Events, Smart Meetings, AdTheorent, Meetings Today, USAE, ASAE, MPI, and Nativo.

    NEW: AdTheorent, which also launched as part of our consumer marketing tactics, was implemented as a four-way swipe mobile ad unit as well, highlighting meetings blog content, air service information, and a call to action to submit an RFP.

    NEW: Nativo was also newly implemented during this timeframe, after seeing success with consumer audiences. Native ads target meeting planners online with recent blog content and generated over 1M impressions in April and May.

  • International Marketing

    Greater Palm Springs’ international media plan targeting UK travelers continued to run digital and social media advertising in March, April, and May and will continue throughout 2024. During March and April, advertising generated 5.05M impressions and nearly 3,000 conversions.

    An expanded media plan continued to run during the spring in partnership with Brand USA and Visit California throughout Canada, the UK, Germany, Mexico, and France.

    While campaigns are still in progress, initial results show strong results with over 7M impressions for our Visit California x TripAdvisor campaign in Canada, Mexico, and the UK (including high CTRs over 3 times the benchmark). Brand USA’s Optimized Audience campaign in Mexico delivered over 2M impressions and over $111K in attributable bookings from our campaign. Additional results will be included in future board reports as campaigns finalize.


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