I, as an employer, am making a commitment to continue investing in my community and the future of air travel at Palm Springs International Airport. In addition, by signing this pledge, I give permission for the Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visit Greater Palm Springs (Visit GPS) to use the names and/or logos of my organization for promotional purposes in regards to the “Fly Palm Springs First” pledge. I agree to the following:

As a Coachella Valley employer:

  • When making air travel decisions for our company and its metro Palm Springs employees, we will always consider flying in and out of PSP first.
  • We will always consider the overall expense of business travel, which includes the full costs of employee time and dollars when making air transportation decisions for our organization.
    • Such costs include employee travel time and automobile mileage reimbursement (including the wear and tear, as well as for the cost of gas for the given vehicle), as well as the parking fees (the costs of which are substantially less for Coachella Valley residents when utilizing PSP versus other large airports);
    • the time savings that it frequently takes to get through security at PSP versus other airports; and
    • the increased risk that the employee/employer assumes when their employees drive significantly more miles to reach a distant airport versus flying from PSP

As such, we pledge that our employees shall use PSP for all business-related travel, except under the following conditions:

  • Whenever the given cost to travel (taking all of the above costs into consideration) from Palm Springs would cost 1.3 times more than the cost to travel from another airport; and
  • Whenever the given flight to/from Palm Springs would impede productivity.



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