• Increased Media Resources
    • Position Greater Palm Springs executive staff as travel industry experts for media to use as top-of-mind sources for stories on tourism. NEW
    • Work with Brand Communications to create ready-to-use articles, collateral pieces and presentations for use by CVB HQ staff and international offices. NEW
    • Update the online newsroom to meet changing needs of journalists on assignment, including photo/video asset management and streamlined media vetting.
    • Consistently refresh and promote accessibility of new and refined online collateral materials in the online media center, such as our electronic press kit, B-roll, video, still images and more. This will include but is not limited to information on new developments and major events, as well as renovations on current properties and attractions.
  • Expanded Targeted Outreach
    • Further grow credibility and awareness for the Greater Palm Springs food scene by leveraging content, including assets from Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week, to further media relations efforts. NEW
    • Develop public relations campaigns to complement marketing plan initiatives.
    • Work with the Social Media team to strengthen the use of social media as a proactive tool for media outreach, research and targeted pitching.
    • Maximize perennial media and consumer interest in season-specific travel through well-timed PR campaigns integrating media and content/social marketing.
    • During typically slower summer months, hone-in on broadcast and news opportunities in key drive markets to boost awareness of seasonal offerings and time-sensitive event news (e.g., chill offer packages).
    • Leverage partnership with Visit California by participating in media receptions and missions in key markets and hosting media in market.
    • Utilize representation to continue to grow brand awareness in key international and domestic markets.

    United Kingdom and Ireland - Black Diamond
    Australia - Gate 7
    China - Aviareps
    Germany - MSI
    France - mNO - NEW
    USA/Canada - DCI

  • Continued Improvement of KPIs
    • Track effectiveness and ROI of media relations efforts by employing news/clips services, tracking media touchpoints and site visits, logging proactive pitches, monitoring release performance and assessment of online, print and broadcast placements.
    • Receive a 3650 in our overall Barcelona Principles score (NEW) as well as a 2000 in our Media Assistance score. The Barcelona Principles is a set of seven principles that provide an overarching framework for effective public relations and communication measurement.


    Our 2019 consumer earned media goals are as follows:

    Barcelona 3650
    Number of Media Outreach/Assists 2000
    Media Value Tracking

    Our Convention media goals are as follows:

    Earned Media Placements 30