Digital Marketing

In 2021, Visit Greater Palm Springs' social media and website supported marketing campaigns throughout 2021 including the summer campaign, multiple Bandwango mobile passes, the What Will You Find campaign and event coverage. Visit Greater Palm Springs created a new interactive flight map alongside agency, Simpleview. This shares the frequency, new and seasonal routes as well as links to book flights.

Visit Greater Palm Springs finished the year with sessions were well past the target goal. One of the main traffic driver for was Organic traffic. Organic entries to the site increased by 137% over 2021. Contributing to the increase in organic traffic, over 130 blogs were published to the Visit Greater Palm Springs website in 2021. The blogs on the website contributed to over 1 million pageviews for the year. Visit Greater Palm Springs also updated a signature events landing page and blog, and maintained 15 landing pages focused on signature events that contributed to 100,000+ pageviews for the year. 

Visit Greater Palm Springs (Visit GPS) also exceeded all social media goals. In 2021, the digital team launched a TikTok channel, added in video content in the form of Instagram Reels and increased Pinterest distribution. These channels in addition to Facebook and Instagram posts promoted travel inspiration, event updates, new blogs and dining in Greater Palm Springs. Video continued to be a priority for content in 2021 with over 5.5 million video views.

Below are dashboards displaying social media stats as of December 31, 2021. 

Digital Marketing Infographic

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    What Will You Find Landing Page

    What will you find


    What Will You Find? Instagram Reel


    Flight Map

    Flight Map for Website