John Huffman, Vice President of Sales & Sourcing for Meeting Alliance in New Jersey, enthusiastically promotes Greater Palm Springs as an excellent meetings and incentives destination. We asked John to list five reasons why he repeatedly puts our area on the top of his list.

1. Greater Palm Springs offers a wide range of quality hotels and resorts that can nicely accommodate our clients’ varying meeting and incentive event requirements in terms of program objectives and attendance numbers.

2. Flight access into Palm Springs from many US cities has greatly increased within the past ten years.

3. Palm Springs’ average monthly temperatures make it an attractive destination for our clients’ yearly programs that require outdoor meal functions and recreation/team-building activities.

4. Palm Springs is not a “cookie cutter” resort destination. The destination is unique in terms of its mountainous topography, pleasant weather, distinctive architecture, exceptional recreational, shopping and tour options and friendly people, as well as its upscale, yet relaxed, ambience.

5. The old perception of Palm Springs being more of a retirement community no longer applies. The “new” Palm Springs is a vibrant, exciting destination for people of all ages. Within recent years, the city’s nightlife, dining, shopping and cultural and recreation options have increased exponentially. Palm Springs definitely offers something for everyone.