When searching for venues for your client, we know you are looking for more than just a good meeting or event space, they want an experience their group will never forget.

The BMW Performance Center certainly has the X factor when it comes to adrenaline-packed events. Wet skid pad. Timed Laps. Rat Race. There are many different ways to create your agenda for the day. For participants who have never been in a race car, here’s their chance. For those more familiar with the Ultimate Driving Machine®, the center offers a wide range of driving experiences. 

Bring the team together in one (or all) of their three luxurious meeting rooms and enjoy a world-class dining experience with breathtaking track views against a mountain backdrop.

BMW Performance Driving School’s Chief Driving Instructor Matt Mullins shares more from behind-the-wheel and behind-the-scenes.

Check out the exclusive CVENT interview with Matt, then explore their new BMW Performance Center Group Event Commission program.