Greater Palm Springs California, renowned for our year-round sunshine, relaxing ambiance, and stunning landscape, is weaving sustainability and eco-friendly practices into the fabric of our conventions and meetings. Recognizing the importance of preserving the environment, our destination has implemented a range of initiatives to minimize our ecological footprint and position us as pioneers in sustainable event planning.  

The city of Palm Springs, for instance, runs entirely on 100% renewable, carbon-free energy, and you’ll find more than 430,000 protected areas within the expanse of our two national monuments: Sand to Snow and the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains. These pristine landscapes not only inspire but also fuel our determination to champion sustainability across all industries. 

Here are a few more ways Greater Palm Springs is elevating the benchmark for the events industry by showcasing our commitment to sustainable meetings. 

Regenerative Tourism: A Partnership with Kind Traveler  

A vital cornerstone of our sustainability journey is our partnership with Kind Traveler. This unique collaboration embodies our destination’s holistic approach to sustainability by offering visitors (and your attendees) meaningful ways to make a community impact — in Greater Palm Springs, they can even participate in the preservation of the very natural beauty they’ve come to experience.  

Through Kind Traveler, area hotels now offer exclusive deals that empower guests to support local nonprofits, including Friends of the Desert Mountains, whose mission is to preserve the surrounding desert landscape and support education, conservation, and research in the Coachella Valley. 

Setting the Stage: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Venues 


In Greater Palm Springs, several resorts and event venues have married ecological mindfulness with inspiration, whether it’s through innovative green practices or eco-conscious values that help drive positive environmental and societal benefits.  

The Palm Springs Convention Center, crowned with the GBAC STAR accreditation, has embraced our 300+ days of sunshine by installing 2,574 solar panels on property. Not stopping there, it boasts an energy-efficient HVAC system, seamlessly curbing energy consumption and costs while ensuring attendees meet in comfort. Furthermore, groups can enjoy sustainable meals thanks to Savoury’s Catering, led by Chef Brad Toles, who creates impressive dishes with a keen eye on responsibility. 

Delve deeper, and you’ll discover The Living Desert and Gardens, an attraction that epitomizes our community’s reverence for nature and the environment. This exceptional venue serves as a sanctuary for wildlife from desert ecosystems worldwide and prioritizes conservation through education and preservation. Hosting off-site events here doesn't merely offer a “wild” and memorable experience; it underscores our care for the planet and our commitment to eco-friendly ideals. 

Also consider the beautiful and historic La Quinta Resort & Club, where a composting machine transforms organic food waste into water for irrigation and filling golf cart batteries. Meanwhile, Spa La Quinta judiciously pares down water-heavy treatments to reduce water usage.

Culinary Symphony: Local Sourcing and Sustainable Food

Outdoor dining at Citrus & Palm

Greater Palm Springs is one of the largest crop-growing regions in California. In fact, agriculture is the second-largest industry (after tourism), and a variety of fruits and vegetables thrive here, including citrus, table grapes, eggplant, bell peppers, artichokes, and dates.   

The destination’s commitment to sustainability unfolds on every plate; several resorts and hotels craft menus with organic and locally sourced ingredients. By partnering with local farmers and suppliers, event organizers ensure the food served is fresh and seasonal and supports the regional economy.  

 Tommy Bahama Miramonte Resort & Spa's on-site herb and citrus garden serenades palates at the property’s restaurant, Citrus and Palm, where the olive grove patio comes to life each evening with fire pits, lanterns, bocce ball, and live music. 

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa features a biodiverse garden flourishing with olive trees, California-native plants, and edible herbs like sage; guests are welcome to stroll and connect with nature in this beautiful space, which provides fresh ingredients for the property’s culinary programs. Plus, the culinary team prioritizes promoting local farmers and fishermen and participates in’s Food Donation Program.  


Shining a Spotlight on Sustainability 

By adopting meaningful partnerships with organizations that make a positive impact and prioritizing sustainable practices such as local food sourcing, Greater Palm Springs continues to shine in the realm of sustainable meetings and environmentally responsible events. Our destination aims to help shape a greener future for the events industry, and in doing so, inspire attendees to incorporate sustainability into their own lives.